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HYT is one of those Wholesale replica watches brands that has found a distinct segment in the market by presenting watches unlike any other – hydraulic mechanical.

With regard to HYT, this year’s BaselWorld is only the second opportunity to display its extraordinary timepieces to some wider audience. When the brand name debuted in 2012, this created an unprecedented feeling with such an avant-garde idea of mechanical watchmaking. The reason for this particular joy may be because the HYT is a hydro-mechanical watch, we. e. using liquids and also the principles of hydrodynamics. We have covered the company’s first watch – the H1 — in detail, as well as an introduction through the brand itself. This year provides model 2 – the actual H2 – but in purchase… Here are our long-awaited opinions from a visit to the HYT booth at the Palais throughout Baselworld 2013.

The H1, which you can learn about in last year’s post linked above, was the manufacturer’s first proposal, in a way that influenced its concept and eyesight (weird, but very interesting) for how it would create high quality watches replica . Assuming a stringent division of the timepiece system into a mechanical part (top) and a hydraulic module (bottom), which combine to support the particular indications – hours, moments, small seconds and reserve of power.

Initially, typically the model featured a nearly 49mm case made of titanium, precious metal, or a combination of the two components. Now, more variants happen to be added to the offer. An edition with different colored hour indicators (red) is the H1 Red² with a gold titanium situation.

The H1 TB is a bronze as well as titanium case.

A series of three models having a gem-set disc at six o’clock are the Diamond Curve, Chrysoberyl Dome and Sapphires Dome.

Lastly, the most interesting H1 development – an option with a real estate made of a material known as " AZO Polyepoxyde" having a hardness of 700 Vickers. In bright green…

… or fully clear. luxury watches replica

Both variations look great, as does the whole H1 range – often the live ones make a amazing impression.

Because the H1 was last year’s model and the brand experienced already announced that powerful development was possible because of hydro-mechanical technology, it took just 12 months to prepare the watch second seed – the H2. Coming from detailed it before within Basel, but as a reminder : this time it’s a much more mechanically complex structure, co-created through the studio Audemars Piguet Renaud et Papi led through Giulio Papi. Its sommet is a movement that completely integrates the watch and hydromechanics into a single, coherent motion, a large, visible movement noticeable from the balance wheel and also crown function selector within the front.

The actual H2 initially came in the black titanium case, however it may only be a matter of period before other variants can be found.

As a enthusiast of crazy, independent designer watches that, by definition, aren’t watches in the traditional feeling, I couldn’t be more happy with the HYT. fashion replica watches


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