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Waste Water and WasteWater Products: The Dutco Tennant Sewage Flap Valve

The non return flap valve is a device that allows wastewater to be discharged without having to return the wastewater to the treatment plant. This valve is designed to close automatically when the flow of wastewater becomes too high, preventing any waste water from entering the treatment plant.  

Take care of your feet this winter with an infrared foot warmer

Infrared foot warmers can help relax muscle pain and ward off cold feet. These modern appliances are highly modular, like an infrared picture heater. You can put them anywhere in your home or office or use them outdoors to keep your feet warm. If you suffer from cold feet, infrared […]

Grab Now Handmade Crochet Cushion Covers Online

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Shop Now Hand Crochet Cushion Covers Online

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Infrared Space Heater – A Perfect Heating Solution in Winter

If you have a large living room or bedroom that gets chilly in the winter, an infrared heater can certainly help keep you warm. A great way to keep any space warm from time to time, infrared-heaters not only help keep you warm but also save energy. Infrared space heatersĀ are […]

Wood Floor Installation & Restoration – Kitchen Wood Floors

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Characteristic Analysis of PMI Foam Structure

Characteristic Analysis of PMI Foam Structure Introduction Foam structure is key to the performance of a PMI foam. The research paper provides information on the physical and chemical properties of PMI foam and its structure. Definition of PMI Foam Structure PMI foam is a type of thermoplastic elastomer foam. It […]

Gradual degradation of high temperature foam core

Gradual degradation of high temperature foam core Introduction Foam core insulation is one of the most common materials used in building construction. It is a lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to install material. Unfortunately, foam core can also be susceptible to degradation when exposed to high temperatures. This degradation can cause […]