Take care of your feet this winter with an infrared foot warmer

Infrared foot warmers can help relax muscle pain and ward off cold feet. These modern appliances are highly modular, like an infrared picture heater. You can put them anywhere in your home or office or use them outdoors to keep your feet warm. If you suffer from cold feet, infrared foot warmers can be an ideal choice.


Sundirect Footwarmer220-Pro is a specially designed small scale portable infrared heater that can be used to warm the feet. It operates at a surface temperature of 70degrees C, making it safe to use without fear of burning the feet. It has a footswitch allowing you to turn on and off the heater in a very user-friendly way. It comes with aluminum feet stand making it easy to position it perfectly for example under a desk or in front of a chair to keep your feet warm anywhere in your home.

Know more here: https://www.sundirect-heater.com/infrared-foot-warmer-220-pro/



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