Warm Up Your Room with Voice Controlled Wireless Remote Thermostat

Wireless Remote Thermostat can let you change the temperature of your home from an app on your phone. This is a much better option for the every homeowner at this time.

Sundirect Smart1.0 Pro is an upgrade version wireless thermostat with WIFI based on Smart1.0.

For even further energy savings and convenience we have developed Smart 1.0 Pro, a controlsystem uniquely designed for our infrared heaters with WIFI function.

The Sundirect Smart 1.0 Pro control system comes with a thermostat and also can be operated viathe Sundirect Smart App. It is compatible with all infrared heaters of the Sundirect Plus range. With our smart control system, you can take full control over your heating using the Sundirect
App remotely from any iOS or Android device. You can pair one thermostat with several panels inthe same room and control all of them at once in one App.

For more information please click on the below link-

Smart1.0 Pro – Wireless Remote Control Thermostat with Wifi


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