Why Is Batch Coding Important

Why Is Batch Coding Important?

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Batch coding machine in India tracks medicines from the factory floor to distribution centers and ultimately, the patient. The law requires all companies to put these codes on their containers; this includes a batch number and shelf time left before expiration.

Pharmaceuticals today will often come with barcodes that can identify them at a glance. In times of crises such as during the Pandemic when quick reaction testing was needed, there were benefits to labeling every batch (including production data). Counterfeit products and medicines are becoming an increasing problem for pharmaceutical organizations today; consuming these drugs or using counterfeit medications may have undesired side effects or even lead to death in severe cases.

To address this issue, countries are taking legal action to solve it. This can include identifying and tracking the product through production to distribution and giving clear labels on pharmaceutical products which prevent recalls when there are mistakes such as missing batch numbers, label mix-ups, or mispackaged items.

As well as ensuring that permanent UDIs (unique identifiers) remain with the drug at all times so information remains on the item rather than temporary packaging – making them easier to identify between other drugs manufactured by different companies. All in all, Smart Packaging Systems believes that proper labeling has many benefits including preventing accidental mixing up of packages and providing vital identification necessary for identical items from various manufacturers.



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